Unlucky Lucky Tales

COVER Unlucky Lucky TalesUnlucky Lucky Tales
Daniel Grandbois
2012, Texas Tech University Press
190 pages

FIDEL SCLAVO’S quirky yet beautifully simple illustrations make this collection of surreal tales a rare treat that recalls the imaginative adventures of Italo Calvino and before him Rudyard Kipling. The Uruguayan artist – recently hailed as one of Latin America’s top graphic artists – creates strikingly modest characters and moments from what could be dreams to accompany the stories of American fabulist Daniel Grandbois in a winning combination of images and words that offer a refreshing departure from a more heavyweight literary world. This sits in the great tradition of EH Shepard and Quentin Blake and is a book worth having. It will lift your spirits and make you laugh- EC

Latin American Review of Books – Latamrob www.latamrob.com

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