Un amor anarquista


Un Amor Anarquista
Miguel Sanches Neto,
Record, Rio, 2005

MIGUEL SANCHES NETO’S Un amor anarquista deals with a fascinating period in the exportation of European revolutionary ideas to Brazil, but trots out a typically masculine interpretation of sex. Italian anarchists try to set up a commune in the country in which, to demonstrate their rejection of property, all things are to be shared – including the women. Fortunately, the women have other ideas – otherwise we might be left thinking that, even back in the 1890s, Brazil could be depicted as little more than a sexual greenhouse. Nonetheless, this work of fiction interwoven with historical fact is easy reading and very visual in its imagery. The author’s previous works include Chove sobre minha infancia (2000), Hóspede secreto (2002), Herdando uma biblioteca (2004) and Venho de um país obscuro (2005). You can catch him at his website. – EC