Latin America in the 21st Century

COVER Latin America in the 21st CenturyLatin America in the 21st Century: Nations, Regionalism, Globalization
Gian Luca Gardini
2012, Zed Books
146 pages

THIS ACCESSIBLE introduction to Latin American politics and international relations employs a well considered framework that offers a valuable insight into what is happening within the region and its role in the world. Gian Luca Gardini, an Italian scholar now based at the University of Bath, explores Latin America at the level of individual states, through regionalism, and on the global stage, offering a framework of analysis for those interested in the region that is both simple, original and very relevant. Gemma Brown’s translation of the author’s original Italian book renders a text that is both readable and authoritative, and it will be of great help to students of the region. – GO’T

Latin American Review of Books – Latamrob

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