La Antena


La Antena
Esteban Sapir
2007, LadobleA
90 minutes

LATAMROB rating: ***

IF OVER-AMBITIOUS, La Antena (The Aerial) is certainly stimulating – an (almost) silent movie in black and white that uses modern techniques and trickery to create a dystopic sci-fi about the dangers of brainwashing by television. At times dense, at others puerile, Esteban Sapir’s film is highly stylised and nothing if not imaginative. Cristian Cottet’s cinematography is excellent, although tends to dominate at the expense of the narrative, small wonder that it was among the awards the film gained in the director’s native Argentina. Even if it leaves one wondering whether the plot came from Dr Who, La Antena is definitely worth seeing, and one man’s distinctive allegorical tribute to the silent era. – EC