Hut of Fallen Persimmons

COVER Hut PersimmonsHut of Fallen Persimmons
Adriana Lisboa, translated by Sarah Green
2011, Texas Tech University Press
160 pages, hardback

THE haiku lies at the heart of this beautifully written book that explores time as a form of expectation that can only be understood as a series of personal reflections. Lisboa’s book is largely set in Japan and approximates a love story that reflects the themes of juxtaposition and the passage of the seasons. She tells of a relationship between Haruki and Celina who meet in Rio de Janeiro then travel to Japan where the former has been commissioned to illustrate work by the famous poet Matsuo Bashō, the great master of haiku. It is a curious, unfulfilled relationship that the author employs haiku forms to examine the notion of personal reflection and maturity. Lisboa leaves us with an understanding of how perception can shape our emotions, and how time can stand still if we employ this in place of the constant reflex to explain or interpret. – EC

Latin American Review of Books – Latamrob

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