Cuba Since the Revolution

COVER Cuba Since the Revolution of 1959Cuba Since the Revolution of 1959: A Critical Assessment
Samuel Farber
2011, Haymarket Books
369 pages

THE Cuban story twists and turns as we speak, so thank goodness for scholars such as Samuel Farber, an unapologetic Marxist whose knowledge of Cuban affairs is unrivalled. His passion for the country drives him to speak candidly to its dominant political cadres about how the cherished revolutionary tradition need not evolve into slogans that reveal the gulf that exists between political rhetoric and the daily lives of citizens, but can be the trajectory for the genuine establishment of a participatory socialist democracy based on rights and the rule of law. In this excellent, necessary book, Farber takes stock of 50 years of revolutionary control by recognising achievements but lambasting authoritarianism. A well known leftwing critic of the Cuban regime, Farber is nonetheless a great socialist and internationalist, concerned as much about the threat the island continues to face from US imperialism as he is about what is on the tables of ordinary Cuban people- EC

Latin American Review of Books – Latamrob

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