Crossing Borders, Claiming a Nation


Crossing Borders, Claiming a Nation: A History of Argentine Jewish Women, 1880-1955
Sandra McGee Deutsch
2010, Duke University Press
377 pages

ARGENTINA has the largest Jewish community in Latin America and the third largest in the Western hemisphere, and many members of this vibrant group – not least its women writers – have excelled in their contributions to what is arguably Latin America’s most cosmopolitan nation. Sandra McGee Deutsch’s essential volume fills and important gap in the study of Jewish women in a key period of in which national identity was consolidated, revealing how they negotiated their own plural identities and in so doing helped reinforce the construction of broader liberal outlooks. The historian draws in extensive archival research o explore the many facets of Argentine Jewish women in their domestic and professional lives, and their often highly creative interactions with the broader processes of state formation, transnationalism and cultural, ethnic and gender construction. – GO’T

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