Calling all Heroes


Calling all Heroes: A Manual for Taking Power
Paco Ignacio Taibo II
2010, PM Press
120 pages

WILD and imaginative rambling it may seem, but Paco Ignacio Taibo’s work always conceals absurdly hidden truths, and in this case the absurdly hidden truth concerned the universally condemned massacre of students in Tlatelolco, Mexico, in 1968. The author weaves a highly inventive tale populated by comic book and literary heroes who help the convalescing journalist Néstor recall the moment and recreate the tragic events that the Mexican government crudely, yet effectively, sought to erase from the country’s official history. Taibo uses humour and an unrivalled inventiveness to shine a light onto the darkness, and the result is intoxicating, and subversive, enchantment. – EC

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