Amor en tránsito


Amor en tránsito
Lucas Blanco
2009, Pensa & Rocca
91 minutes (Spanish)

LATAMROB rating: ***

THIS feature by Lucas Blanco is a haunting mélange of identities and time built upon the twisting paths of Mercedes, Ariel, Juan and Micaela and spanning, in true Argentine tradition, both South America and Europe. In Buenos Aires, Mercedes prepares to meet her boyfriend in Barcelona but then bumps into the charming Ariel. At the same time, Juan arrives in Argentina after years abroad and meets Micaela, a chameleon on the rebound from a love affair. The paths of these complex characters cross and cross again as each is held back from decisive action by their encounters and their memories – as we all are. Blanco has created a subtly inspiring narrative about the endless possibilities of a life flavoured by desire. – EC

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