Self-published titles and manuscripts

MANY WRITERS, particularly in Latin America, start their careers with small, independent presses or through self-publishing in print or, increasingly, e-books. Their work is often overlooked and they rarely get the professional and critical feedback they need to help them develop.

However, the Latin American Review of Books can review their work – whether it has been written in English, Spanish or Portuguese – and provide them with this critical feedback.

We give authors a chance to obtain an objective, professional review of their manuscript or self-published title, providing them with a means of promoting it to potential agents, publishers and readers.

Authors can, for example, use their reviews or excerpts from them to find agents or, if they are in Latin America, translators and English-language publishing houses willing to consider taking forward their work. They can also use our reviews to boost sales on websites such as or or as blurbs on book covers. We assess their work as we would any title.

Our reviews are sent to an author or agent for their own marketing and promotional use. If they wish, we will publish them online on our site under our “Independently Published” or “Manuscript” category lists. We have considerable experience reviewing all categories of books – from academic literature and non-fiction to novels and poetry.

This is a paid-for service and helps the Latin American Review of Books fund its wider mission to bring to the attention of a global audience writing about and from Latin America.

Our reviews of self-published work and manuscripts:

– are compiled anonymously by experienced and specialist reviewers;
– are written in the same format as a traditional review, and provided as PDFs;
– provide a candid, impartial critique of all titles: we will tell you the truth, be it positive or negative, about a book.

After a review has been returned to an author or agent, they can choose to have it published on our website under the “Independently Published” or “Manuscript” categories – either for all readers to access, or accessible only with a password which we shall provide solely to the author or agent.

The cost of a standard Independently Published Titles or Manuscript review is US$300, and the review will be returned to a writer or agent within 8 weeks. A review can expedited at a cost of US$450, and in this case it will be returned within 4 weeks. All reviews are final and non-refundable, and manuscripts and books will not be sent out for a second review. All reviews must also be attributed to: “Latin American Review of Books, Independents (”

If you would like us to review your title, or have any quesions about this service, please email us at If you wish to request a review, send us your name and postal address and we shall send you an order form. You will be asked to return your manuscript or book with your payment and the author of the title will be asked to sign an Author Agreement.