About the Latin American Review of Books

The Latin American Review of Books – LatAmRoB – has been publishing online continuously since 2005 as a small, not-for-profit independent website based in the UK that reviews books and films from and about Latin America.

We are commerically and politically independent and value, above all, sharp, pithy writing and commentary with attitude that brings to a wider audience knowledge, understanding and insight about all things Latin American.

Our site contains advertisements in an effort to generate funds to meet our overheads but we do not endorse the services or corporate policies of the ads that we reproduce.

We welcome contributions but would prefer not to receive unsolicited material. If you wish to contribute to LatAmRoB or have written a review that you would like us to consider, please read our Guidelines for contributors in the first instance and then contact the editor at: editor@latamrob.com

Publishers and film distributors

LatAmRoB is happy to review your titles and films about or from Latin America and we will adopt a constructive and fair approach to assessing them. If you wish to send us books or films for review, you will find our address on the Contact page.


If you wish to place a display advertisement on the Latin American Review of Books, please email us at info@latamrob.com. We will send you an Ad Schedule with prices and conditions.


Unfortunately, our limited resources have compelled us to discontinue our monthly newsletter – but now we use social media to update readers about the latest reviews and articles on the Latin American Review of Books. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook at @LatAmRoB.