The ostrich that never says sorry

MAY Back channel to Cuba A1

The US has been negotiating behind the scenes with Cuba since the 1960s - but admitting so would not fit the narrative

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A toast to history

MAY Alcohol in Latin Am A2

Let’s raise our glasses to a satisfying cocktail of essays about the study of alcohol production, consumption and regulation in Latin America

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The bloody price of youth

MAY Age of Youth in Argentina A3

Young people led the demand for change in Argentina during the 1960s and 1970s – and would pay the ultimate price for this under the junta

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The race that never was

MAY Disappearing Mestizo A4

A refreshingly novel approach to socioracial identities in colonial Colombia poses important questions for historians

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The homeland in a global era

MAY Post Conflict Cent Am Literature B1

An enthusiastic challenge to the view that the forms of citizenship generated by globalisation always transcend the local process of identity formation

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Messy quest for justice

MAY Transitional Justice in Peru B2

Peru offers valuable insights into the many contradicitons and tensions at the heart of untidy and incomplete processes of transitional justice

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The prostitute as political subject

MAY  Prostitution Cuba B3

Perceptions of prostitution and policy responses to it have played an important role in shaping Cuba's political evolution – and ultimately its identity

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Death as a way of life

MAY adios nino B4

For Guatemala's youth gangs, cohabitation with violent death comprehensively invades the subjectivity of everyday life

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Women who broke their chains

MAY conceiving freedom B5

A pioneering effort to tell the untold story of how enslaved women in Cuba and Brazil contributed to the process of abolition

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Mariátegui’s revolutionary poetics

MAY mariategui unfinished revolution B6

José Carlos Mariátegui used a new language to define modernity during an intellectual revolution in Peru

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