Right wages ‘lawfare’ in Brazil

Brazil’s new right is using spurious legalism as a weapon to destroy the left ■ Voices of the Brazilian Left: Dispatches from a Coup in Progress, edited by Brian Mier, 2018, Sumaré Editions/Brasilwire.com

Jackboot justice

Chile’s gulag under Pinochet serves as a brutal reminder of what is at stake in a military coup ■ Prisoner of Pinochet: My Year in a Chilean Concentration Camp, Sergio Bitar, translated by Erin Goodman, 2017, University of Wisconsin Press

The heroic cold war

A new translation brings Argentina’s own claim to the ‘Heroic Age’ of Antarctic exploration in from the cold ■ Four Antarctic Years in the South Orkney Islands, José Manuel Moneta, 2017, Bernard Quaritch