Democratic duplicity

PIC Cuba and the Neighbours

Cuba's participatory politics shows why uncritical acceptance of the US definitions of democracy is deceptive

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Man of the people

PIC We Created Chavez

Chávez was not a cause but an effect of the Bolivarian Revolution, which started among a people tired of corrupt politicians and subordination to the US

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Narco mania

PIC Narrating Narcos

A gripping work of literary criticism explores the 'narco novel' – and guns down the stereotypes that surround the theme of drug-trafficking

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Imperialism makes a comeback

PIC The New Extractivism

The theory of imperialism offers a potent way of explaining the extractive activities that cause social conflict and environmental degradation throughout Latin America

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Cultural awakening on a global scale

PIC Imagined Globalization

A seminal work now available in English offers us the chance to imagine forms of globalisation that go beyond the tired US vision

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The context of conflict

PIC Oil Sparks in the Amazon

An ethnographic study of the causes of conflict over oil and gas extraction in the Amazon offers valuable insights into a crucial issue

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A handbook for a region

PIC Routledge Handbook of Latin American Politics

Comprehensive yet accessible, the Routledge Handbook of Latin American Politics will be a required resource for teaching staff, students and analysts

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Free the mind

PIC Ethics of Liberation In the Age of Globalization and Exclusion

Enrique Dussel's Ethics of Liberation, now available in English, is considered one of the most important efforts to rethink the history of ethics

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Suck on this Pinochet

PIC Buying into the Regime

Grape production pioneered by Chile's military dictator contained the seeds of unexpected challenges to his rule

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Great Depression … and déjà vu

PIC The Great Depression in Latin America

The financial crisis of 2007 demonstrates why the impact of the Great Depression of the 1930s still offers Latin America valuable lessons for the present

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