The sound of damage

JAN Listening in detail

A study of Cuban composer Emilio Grenet helps to illustrate the profound damage done by the continued US embargo

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A revolutionary paradox

JAN Becoming arenas

A literary-critical analysis of the Cuban writer provides valuable insights into the relationship between sexual politics, art and revolution

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People’s history at its best

JAN Ringside seat revolution

Cultural diversity thrived on both sides of the US-Mexican border in the heady atmosphere of revolution

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Empire state

JAN empire cover

A groundbreaking study into the economics of imperialism reveals the domestic forces driving US policy abroad

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All over bar the shooting

JAN Mexico rev COVER

Mexico's great revolution - the fiesta of bullets - has been kept alive only through the work of academics themselves

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A riot of rice

JAN Eating Puerto Rico COVER

A stimulating - and tasty - reflection on the relationship between Puerto Rico's national cuisine and global trends

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Millenarian labyrinth

JAN Embers of the Past COVER

An eloquent revival of the essay as a form is weakened by blunt assumptions about Europe

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Flower power

JAN Speaking of Flowers COVER

Brazil's student protests throughout 1968 set the tone for the real challenge to military dictatorship that would emerge thereafter

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Tell tales

JAN Telling and Being Told COVER

The Maya offer a compelling argument for including oral literature within the mainstream literary studies canon

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Roots and routes


As cumbia has grown in popularity across the world, it has been transformed

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